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 Nobody Declared War, It Is Simply Being Waged. Russia’s Support of the Peace Plan is Insufficient - Poroshenko

The Ukrainian side proposed the Russian Federation to monitor with elements of control the problem areas and checkpoints together with the OSCE. In particular, it concerns the state border between Ukraine and Russia.

This was stated by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in his speech at the PACE plenary session, Ukrainska Pravda reports.

"Ukraine has proposed to intensify efforts to establish the OSCE monitoring with elements of control over the situation on the ground. We invited them to each checkpoint," he said.

Poroshenko noted that Russian representatives were also invited to participate.

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"We are ready to bring on Russian representatives for border monitoring to ensure strict compliance with the commitments on the part of Ukraine," the President of Ukraine said.

He noted that the peace plan will only work with Russia's support.

However, according to Poroshenko, current Russian support is not strong enough.

"It is good that the Federation Council is not planning to declare war on Ukraine. But nobody declared war. It is simply being waged," he stressed.

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Poroshenko stated that rather than Russia takes its mercenaries away from the Russian border, new militants are arriving.

He also noted that on Thursday, during a conversation with Merkel and Hollande, Putin backed the peace plan.

"Support the peace plan with actions, not words. We are waiting for these actions. Strengthen the border security, stop recruiting mercenaries, pull the troops back," Poroshenko called on Putin.

The President also noted that "all ideas of separatism were artificially imposed from outside."

"We need to stop a flow of lies and hatred imposed by the Russian media," Poroshenko said.

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