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 Israel Tortures Terrorist. Rada Might Permit Such Practices - Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs

The advisor to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anton Herashchenko believes that the methods that are used to fight terrorists in Israel may be applied to our terrorists as well, including tortures.

Censor.NET reports this citing TV24.

The advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs said: "The legal basis of the anti-terrorist operation is an interesting question. We are preparing a series of proposals to the Verkhovna Rada. Increase of detention periods for persons arrested during the ATO should be implemented. A citizen may be held no longer than two days under the existing Criminal Code. You need to indict the person after that period and the court shall either detain him or let him go."

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"It was quarter infiltration when we carried out our last successful anti-terrorist operation in Mariupol. There were a lot of people who threw their arms and said they just lived there or they are just relatives and so on. It was almost impossible to prove that those citizens were terrorists at the time. To have proofs, one must find out whether there was gunpowder on their hands and so on and so forth. It is necessary to facilitate the work of law enforcement agencies. It is necessary to pass a law that will let us detain citizens for at least 30 days to determine the circumstances, because many of them just say they don't have IDs and that they came "to grandfather's to the village." This is the first aspect."

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"The second aspect is a very specific question about the attitude to captured terrorists," Herashchenko said. "Israel passed a law lately that permits to torture terrorists on whose testimony the life of civilians depends. For example, if a terrorist captured and he knows that there is an attack prepared that may cost dozens of lives. Moral questions raise whether we have a right to just drink tea and talk with them or we should apply the measures of mental or physical coercion. This is also the issue for debates, which should be decided both by public opinion and in the Verkhovna Rada. There is an opinion that in order to prevent acts of terrorism we need to somehow move away from compliance of a certain human rights in order to avoid human casualties."

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Responding to a question about the terrorists being in captivity and which militants they want to exchange, Herashchenko said: "This is also an interesting question that is also not regulated by law. There is no such issue like an opportunity to exchange a terrorist or a militant who was detained and released as a person having committed a criminal offense either in the Criminal Code or in any other documents provided. However, Ukraine never had problems with terrorism before now. It is necessary that our legislators give us an opportunity to record such events for them to be legal. Thus, the law enforcers who negotiate and actually conduct the exchange will not be blamed. There are different opinions of whether such negotiations are needed. For example, Israel does not seek to engage in an exchange of hostages or if they exchange them, it happens in conditions that are very unfavourable to terrorists. But the situation is very difficult. The whole of society along with the Verkhovna Rada should work over this issue"

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