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 Lavrov Believes that Ukraine Must Ask Terrorists for Flight Permission in Order They Do not Shoot Down Helicopters

The conflicting parties should publicize the movement of military machines in terms of the truce in Ukraine.

This was stated by head of the Ministry ofForeign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, commenting on the downedhelicopter in eastern Ukraine, Censor.NET reports, citing RussianInterfax. "Presidentannounced that he could stop the truce earlier when the helicopterwas shot down. It's a tragedy, of course, and it should beavoided," the Russian diplomat said to reporters. However, he notedthat "people become violent in eastern Ukraine due to many monthsof fighting when they have to keep up positions around the citieswhere civilians live."

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"Themilitary helicopter flies if there is a need to deliver medicines,some food, something else from civil staff. Communication channelsshould be used probably. And they are available there," Lavrovsaid. He agreed that there are different losses at war. As youknow, terrorists downed Ukrainian military helicopter Mi-8 at MountKarachun near Sloviansk. 9 people died thare. The militants alsoattacked the fortified positions of the ATO forces. Two soldierswere killed and three more were wounded. Poroshenko ordered tocease fire for a week to all units of the Armed Forces, theNational Guard and the Border Guard Service.

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On Monday, the militants agreed to a ceasefireuntil June 27, after the talks with a representative of Ukraine,Russia, and terrorist organizations LPR and DPR. Poroshenko orderedUkrainian servicemen to open fire without hesitation in response tothe terrorist attacks on June 24 due to the fact that the militantscontinue to attack. Censor.NET previously reported that there wereSecurity Service officers in a helicopter downed nearSloviansk.

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