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 Poroshenko Accepted Merkel’s Proposal to Introduce Medvedchuk as Negotiator of Ceasefire

Merkel offered to continue negotiations of the contact group under control of the OSCE during conversation with Poroshenko, Hollande, and Putin.

Censor.NET reported this, citing thepress service of the President of Ukraine on Wednesday, June25.

"The telephone conversation of the Presidentof Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, German Chancellor Angela Merkel,French President Francois Hollande, and Russian President VladimirPutin took place in the quadripartite format today. It was devotedto the implementation of the peace plan in Eastern Ukraine.Poroshenko informed the interlocutors of the serious violationsthat occurred during a unilateral ceasefire declared by thePresident of Ukraine. The President specified that 52 cases ofceasefire violations by terrorists, which killed 18 and injured 27people, were recorded since June 20. President of Russia supportedthe proposal to introduce Poroshenko ceasefire and itsmonitoring.

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Poroshenko stressed that the implementation of the peace plan andcontrol of the whole perimeter of the border is possible providedthe presence of OSCE observers, including representatives ofRussia. The Head of State noted during conversation that theFederation Council decision to cancel permission to use Russiantroops on the territory of Ukraine is a positive signal to theimplementation of the peace plan. At the same time, the Presidentstressed that Ukraine expects real actions of Russia, which willfurther stabilize the situation in the Donbas. The President urgedthe President of Russia to take specific measures to stop thesupply of arms and vehicles to the militants across the border ofUkraine.

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FederalChancellor of Germany summed up the negotiations by proposing tosupport the next joint steps:

1. Toprovide the monitoring system with control elements (concernsroadblocks and consignment of the checkpoints on the ofUkrainian-Russian border) with the participation of OSCE observers,including representatives of Russia during ceasefire;

2. Tocontinue the negotiations of Tripartite Liaison Group on June26;

3. Toexchange lists of hostages. Russian leaders to make publicstatements on the liberation of all people to those who keep themimprisoned.

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FederalChancellor of Germany proposed the Tripartite Liaison Groupcomprising of Leonid Kuchma, Heidi Tagliavini and Zurabov to bejoined by Medvedchuk to act as a fixer. The President of Ukraineand the parties of negotiations agreed to the proposal of AngelaMerkel. The parties agreed to continue the discussion in thisformat on Thursday June 26," the statement says. Censor.NET previously reported thatTiahnybok urged the General Prosecutor's office to investigate theparticipation of Medvedchuk and Shufrych in negotiations withterrorists.

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