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 Militants from Russia are the Cause of Crisis in the Donbas but not it’s Consequence - Representative of Lithuania to the UN Security Council

Lithuania's Permanent Representative Raymonda Murmokayte said Russia is the cause of the crisis in the Donbas rather than a consequence.

She stated this during her speech at the meeting of the UN Security Council, Censor.NET reports citing Espreso.TV.

"A steady flow of militants and weapons from the Russian border has led to an alarming deterioration of the situation of human rights and humanitarian situation. The report makes it clear that militants from Russia are the cause and not the consequence of the crisis in the Donbas. The Russian annexation of Crimea led to deterioration of the human rights situation on the peninsula. Stalinist-like murders are committed in the Donbas as well as racketeering and tortures. All this is happening in the region. Separatists attack using heavy weapons. Ukrainian military aircraft was shot down. More than forty people were killed," the diplomat said.

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"Just two days ago, President Poroshenko visited the east of the country and talked to people. A peace plan, which should actually change the situation, was also adopted. Unfortunately, it was welcomed by the new attacks on Ukrainian troops. We appeal to Russia to cancel the resolution on the use of troops in Ukraine tomorrow. Russia must put an end to inflow of Russian mercenaries and weapons on the territory of Ukraine. Constant Russian propaganda must be stopped. There is no place for territorial changes in the 21st century," she said.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n291349