Mock Execution and Testing Body Armor: Sadists Torture Hostages Day and Night in Sloviansk

Sloviansk refugee Volodymyr Panibratchenko who spent a night in captivity told about the methods practiced in a torture chamber.

"Blindfolded people are not allowed to lie down, lean against a wall and sleep in a basement of the Sloviansk Security Service Department. People have greyouts and severe pain in the back after that," Volodymyr Panibratchenko said to Obozrevatel, Censor.NET informs

"When I was thrown into the chamber, there already have been Vitalii, a trainer of fitness from Kyiv. He was released later (Vitalii Kovalchuk was one of the first captured - Ed.). I also saw Vadym Sukhonos there. He was the only Sloviansk council member who came out of the Party of Regions. Their hands were not bound, they have their eyes untied, and they had the right to walk through the ward - they were privileged prisoners. The others were not allowed to sleep. There were about 10 people in the ward. Vadym and Vitalii had the right to lie down on the rags," the refugee said.

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Panibratchenko also seen the director Pavlo Yurov and the artist Denys Gryschuk in captivity. Famous artists of Ukraine and Russia ask to release them. They arrived to the town on April 25 to see it all with their own eyes and to collect material for a play. Yurov and Gryschuk are kept in hellish conditions, according to the Sloviansk resident.

"Those with their hands tied behind will be treated severely. Pavlo and Denys were among them and they were not allowed to sleep," the Sloviansk resident said.

The prisoners are considered as traitors and they are humiliated to crack them up.

"The terrorists brutalized prisoners in every possible way. They even came to the basement and red poems about Polite Green Men [Russian soldiers in Crimea, disguised as "self-defense forces"] as if about heroes."

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Panibratchenko claims that all wardens of the Sloviansk prisoners are visiting sadists.

"There are sadists from the Russian Federation as well as Ukrainians. One of them was a student at the faculty of Political Science from Odesa," he said. "He came down every 5 minutes and crept to the prisoner who was sitting blindfolded and hit him in the shins with a stick. This is the most painful area and each hit is perceived as if you were pierced by a thousand of needles. Pavlo sat nearby, and there was no order to beat me at that time. Though there were no explicit attacks on me, the guard somewhat missed him and hit my leg as if showing what awaits me if I misbehave."

The volunteers working with released hostages note that the most popular tortures among terrorists of the DPR and LPR are the imitation of the execution by firing and the testing of body armour.

"A blindfolded man is put to the wall and red out a lengthy sentence. They sentence a person to death in the name of the republic, then either make a clicking sound or fire a burst from Kalashnikov over his head. The answer "Ukraine" (and not DPR) for the question of where you live is usually a sufficient cause for execution by firing. They put body armour on other prisoner and shoot. They cut all over one's body with a knife making small incisions. Some prisoners were forced to wash the car, in which there were traces of blood, guts and brains. Stretching is another type of torture. During stretching hands and feet are tied behind the back, so that the person can not cover himself, and torturers beat him,"- says the human rights defender who asked to guard his anonymity.

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Earlier, the terrorists brutalized the imprisoned mayor of Horlivka by doping him.

It was also reported that the terrorists equipped a torture chamber in the building of the Security Service Department in Luhansk and take away the corpses of the tortured by cars.

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