Heavy Military Equipment from Russian Will no Longer be Able to Cross the Ukrainian Border - Parubii

град вооружение

Shutting down the border has changed psychological and military-strategic situation in the east of Ukraine.

This was stated on Freedom of Speech TV program bySecretary of the National Security and Defense Council AndriiParubii, Censor.NET reports,citing UNN.

"When someonetells me that the border is not completely closed, I tell them thatmain highways are equipped with checkpoints. The highways that wereused for supplying heavy machinery from Russia, tanks, and armouredpersonnel carriers are blocked off now because there are militaryroadblocks. The operation took place in stages, and I believe itswas successful. Shutting down the containment lines and borderschanged psychological and military-strategic situation in the eastof Ukraine," Parubii said.

According to him,the ATO in eastern Ukraine was difficult to conduct because ofmilitary equipment from Russia. "In fact, one of the most powerfulcountries in the world - the Russian Federation - is waging anundeclared war against us. Thus, an extremely large number of armedmen and military vehicles create difficulties for serious militaryoperations that at the same time aim to prevent casualties in itscourse. Such operation was conducted," he added.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n291225