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 Europe is Losing the Information War with Russia - Spanish Ambassador

The Diplomat is sure that the West can deal with Russian propaganda. One can delude people for some time, but the truth will come out sooner or later.

Spanish Ambassador to Ukraine Gerardo Angel Bugallo Ottone expressed his opinion in an interview to TSN, Censor.NET informs citing UNIAN.

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"If you look at the situation in the long view, there will be no doubt who will win. Ukraine will win without a doubt," said the Ambassador, noting that the victory of Ukraine is only a matter of time. However, there is another very important issue on his opinion - this propaganda war, which is now in full swing. "But it (the war - Ed.) is unilateral. This is not a political issue but rather philosophical," Ottone said.

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"No one opposes this propaganda at our side; there is no representative or organization that would take the consequence of the Western propaganda. There is a free informational game of media, and it is believed that the actual model that is offered is so attractive by itself: the empire of law, dignity, freedom and democracy, that it is impossible to struggle against it," the Spanish ambassador said.

The diplomat stressed that there are thousands of media that tell the truth, and as many more telling outright lie by repeating it. "And the democratic society is not ready for this," Ottone says. He noted that he sees nothing wrong in promoting decent values which are worth the cost.

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"We get used to other forms of work, but it is impossible to compare their efficiency. I believe that it (the propaganda apparatus. - Ed.) should be created as soon as possible. Thus we will protect ourselves from unnecessary suffering," the ambassador said.

Nevertheless, Ottone is sure that propaganda can be defeated. "For example, we constantly heard false accusations of Kyiv and Maidan authorities of fascism and Nazism. This information stream was infinite. The free, fair and flawless in my opinion, elections were held nevertheless. Either Right Sector and Freedom, which in any case can be called neither fascist nor Nazi, even if we consider them ultra-right, scored less than three percent. And all those yelling about fascists and Nazis for months, looked ridiculous after all. And it is very convincing. One can fool people for some time, but the truth will come out sooner or later, and thus it would be necessary to prove it providing truthful information. And people will believe after all, even if they didn't for a long time," Spanish Ambassador to Ukraine said.

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