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 Does Russian Electronic Reconnaissance Forward Data to Terrorists?

Terrorists, operating in the east of Ukraine, may obtain information about the actions of Ukrainian servicemen from units of the Russian electronic intelligence.

This opinion was expressed by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine head's assistant Serhii Astakhov at a briefing on Monday, Censor.NET reports, citing Ukrinform.

The terrorists obtained classified information about the tactical group Kordon, in which the head of the State Border Guard Service was exercising his tasks and they had the opportunity to jam all channels of communication on vast territory. "Where did the attackers get such information? Probably the Russian radio-electronic intelligence units acted during military maneuvers and still continue to act in the Ukrainian borderlands while other Russian military training exercises take place," Astakhov said.

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He said that the tactical group had to sustain 160 mortar attacks, where 30 border guards and troopers were wounded. The detachment was attacked again even after redeployment. "It means that it was a well-aimed attempt to destroy not just the unit but its authorities, although creation of this group, its location and operations of infiltration of the border areas information were kept in strict secrecy," Astakhov said.

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Assistant chairman of the State Border Guard Service said that due to frequent jamming of communication channels the border guards are cut off from the rest of the forces. "It's very difficult sometimes to keep in touch with the units not only online, but in general. So the border guards act like real guerrilla units in some areas," Astakhov said.

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