Luhansk Militants Make Women and Children Go to Rallies at Gunpoint

In Rovenky, the Luhansk region, Cossacks force women and children to go to meetings under the Russian flags. Miners are not allowed to do their work.

This isstated by human rights activist Yelena Stepnaia on her Facebookpage, Censor.NET reports.

"The city is overwhelmed by Cossacks. Theydetained buses of the first shift. People are not allowed into themines. They give out Russian flags and flags of the LuhanskPeople's Republic and march people to rally against the ATO. Theygo arounf apartments getting people to go to the rally. They placewomen and children on the sides saying this is how they will greetthe National Guard which they are calling the Right Sector."

According to the human rights activist, the cityis completely controlled by Cossacks. The mayor of Rovenky iscollaborating. The rally in the city center will be under thecontrol and supervision of acting MayorKniazheva.

"People are being held at checkpoints. In orderto avoid the meeting the miners are running down to their mines andthe shifts stay below. There are people with guns waiting for theminers. Miners are called cowards and are being told that theyshould kneel down before Putin and ask for his protection. They saythat his army is close by waiting for our call for help. The saythat June 22 is a symbolic date and this is the day of Nazicollapse in Ukraine. And they say if the mines keep working therewill be terrorist attacks in the city and on the plants, sayingthey are prepared for it. Their Commissar Ilyich said right away -we do not need the mines, we will blow them up together withtraitors (miners). People are shocked."

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n290840