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 10 Combat Vehicles BM-21 Grad, T-64 Tanks and BTR Armored Personnel Carriers Entered Ukraine from Russian Territory – Ministry of Defense

10 combat vehicles carrying BM-21 Grad missile systems, T-64 tanks and other vehicles were brought from the Russian Federation to Ukraine. There are proofs that the vehicles belongs to the Russian army.

Acting Defense Minister Mykhailo Kovalannounced this during his speech in the parliament, UkrainskaPravda informs.

"We had operational information that 10 combatvehicles Grad BM-21 crossed the state border of Ukraine and now acton the territory of Ukraine," Koval said.

"One of the vehicles was captured anddestroyed", he said

The Ukrainian soldiers have found evidencethat it belonged to the Russian army.

He also reported about the revealed tanks.

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"As for tanks: we have revealed three tanks.Two of them were damaged in the area of Saur-Mohyla last week. Onetank was completely destroyed and the other one the terroristsmanaged to evacuate. Those are T-64 tanks without serial numbersthat belong to the Russian army," the head of the Defense Ministrysaid.

In addition, the militants possess two IS-2tanks that were removed from the pedestals. One of them stilloperates, according to Koval's information

Up to five BTR APCs were also seen.

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The head of the Defense Ministry assured thatthe Ukrainian soldiers have completely denied the opportunity forvehicles from Russia to enter Ukraine last week.

"We have completely blocked any chance for anyarmored vehicles to enter the territory of Ukraine from the RussianFederation last week," he said.

Earlier, the unit of the National Guard ofUkraine captured the BTR-80 APC with terrorists trying to get intothe territory of Ukraine from Russia on Friday night.

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