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 The Punishment for Funding Separatism will be 7 Years in Custody and Seizure of Property - the Rada Adopted the Law

тюрьма зона

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a law criminalizing financing of separatism.

238 deputies voted for the law,UkrainskaPravda says.

They criminalize financing of actionscommitted to forcibly change or overthrow the constitutional order,the seizure of power and the state boundary changing.

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From nowon "financing of the acts committed for the purpose of changing theborders of the territory or state border" will be punished withimprisonment for a term of three to five years with seizure ofproperty.

"Financing of actions committed to forcibly change or overthrowthe constitutional order or the seizure of state power" would bepunished by a term of five to seven years with seizure ofproperty.

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