Russian Troops are Pulling Military Vehicles to Ukrainian Border and Placing Firing Emplacements - NSDC


Russian military is pulling military vehicles and setting firing emplacements near the border with Ukraine.

This was stated by NSDC Information Center spokesmanVolodymyr Chepovyi at a briefing on June 19, Censor.NET reports with reference toOstrov.

"The situation atthe state border of Ukraine in recent days is characterized byincreasing activity of the militants. Units of the Russian ArmedForces continue arriving at the border Russian-Ukrainian border.They set up firing emplacements and camouflage military equipmentnear the state border," the spokesman informed.

He also stressedthat the State Border Service of Ukraine is currently improving thesystem of protection and defense of the border.

"An additionalcombat unit and two armored group with six APCs were created andeffectively operate. Over the past 24 hours they continued toperform the ATO tasks," said Chepovyi.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n290596