The Refugees Brought to Russia from the Donbas Ask to Repatriate Them Back to Ukraine: They Promised to Send Us to Crimea, but Brought Us Near Voronezh

The pro-Russian volunteers who promised to take refugees from the east of Ukraine to Crimea, sent them to Russia. The refugees ask to return them to Ukraine.

The refugee named Yulia told this to Ukrainskaya Pravda by the phone.

The pro-Russian volunteers promised to take her and her child to Crimea as a refugee last week.

It appeared, however, that they are going to Donetsk instead of Crimea on the day of departure from Mariupol, where they came from Kramatorsk. They waited for 4 days at a hotel in Donetsk, and after that they were sent to Russia.

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"We were brought to the Voronezh region to an orphanage yesterday, which is approximately 6 kilometers away from Voronezh ," she said.

"They brought us to an orphan asylum," she added.

"As for Crimea, they told that there is no place for us," Yulia explained.

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She said she would like to move to another location, or return to Ukraine, but she does not have enough money.

Earlier, there was a well known situation with the orphans from Ukraine, who were forcibly taken to Rostov-on-Don, and then returned back by plane due to the pressure of Ukraine. It is well known, that Ukrainian volunteers help refugees from the east to move to cities throughout Ukraine.

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