Mykolaiv Paratrooper Wounded in Fighting Married During Treatment in Hospital. PHOTOS

The wedding ceremony was held recently in Irpen where a wounded soldier of the separate airmobile brigade of highly mobile paratroopers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Oleksandr is being treated.

Censor.NET reports with reference to the Defense Ministryof Ukraine that the soldier said that he and his fiancée Victoriaplanned to get married this summer but the tumultuous events in theeastern part of Ukraine and his participation in the ATO preventedthem from realizing their plans.

A way out wasfound unexpectedly during his stay in the hospital, where the braveparatrooper ended up after receiving a gunshot wound in the arm.Volunteers from the Country Assistance Foundation "Wings ofPhoenix" offered him help. They promised to take care of thewedding ceremony as well as the acquisition of all necessarythings: engagement rings, wedding dress, etc. Given that thesoldier's health was already satisfactory, he gladly accepted theoffer.

He did not tellhis wife about the wedding until the last moment, and when she cameto the hospital to visit her loved one, he proposed to Victoria andshe, of course, said "Yes".

At the wedding thecouple stood on the traditional embroidered towel accompanied bythe paratrooper's brothers-in-arms: two guys both named Pavlo, whoalong with Oleksandr are being treated in the hospital. Thehoneymoon journey was flying in a hot air balloon which wasorganized by the "Wings of Phoenix" foundation.

Oleksandr and hiswife Victoria expressed their gratitude to the foundationvolunteers Viktoriia Fishchuk and Nelli Stelmakh for helping toorganize the wedding ceremony.

After thetreatment the trooper wants to return to his military unit which isnow performing tasks within the framework of theATO.






Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p290467