Criminal Proceedings Initiated Against Army Officials and ATO Command Staff Regarding Downed IL-76: Information on Increazed Activity of Terrorists was Ignored

General Directorate of Supervision over the Observance of Laws in the Military field initiated criminal proceedings against officials of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and command staff of the anti-terrrorist center at the Security Service of Ukraine regarding the IL-76 shot down in Luhansk.

Censor.NET citingthe press-service of the Attorney General's Office writes that according to the report,it was revealed that the military officials of the Armed Forces andcommand staff of the ATO ignored available information on theactivization of terrorist groups near Luhansk Airport, as well asinformation about them having armed man-portable air defensesystems (MANPADS), and had not conducted a set of measures for thesafe landing of the aircraft in the area of anti-terroristoperation.

Because of theabove mentioned the plane was fired at by the terrorists fromMANPADS and heavy machine guns landing in Luhansk airport. Thebombardment of the plane caused fire and the plane crashed. 49people on board of the IL-76 were killed.

It also reportedthat on June 17, 2014 this fact has been entered in the UnifiedRegister of Pre-trial Investigations on the grounds of criminaloffenses under Part 2 Art. 425 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine"Negligent Attitude to Military Service," which provides forimprisonment for a term of 3 to 7 years.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n290451