Head of Lustration Committee Sobolev Called in for Questioning

Activist of Volia (Will) Initiative, authorized by the Maidan Council to carry out lustration, Yegor Sobolev received an invitation from the senior investigator of major case unit of the Kyiv police to come to conduct the criminal proceedings regarding the facts of threats to judges of the Supreme Court and the seizure of the Supreme Court building.

This was written by Head of the Lustration Committee Yegor Sobolev on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"The state has finally appreciated my efforts to clean the courts. Senior investigator of major case unit of the Kyiv police Pliushkin sent me a request to come to the station via e-mail," Sobolev wrote.

"As far as I understand, we are talking about the April meeting with the "watchers" of the judiciary system from Viktor Yanukovych. Then they had the nerve to call the "Congress of Judges "in order to reassign the themselves in the positions. We convinced them to disperse, and then relieved them in accordance with the law. Chairman of the Presidential Administration (at that time) Serhii Pashynsky promised me criminal persecution and advised me to look for a lawyer. What can I say? He's done good and kept his word," says the message of the activist.

Sobolev noted that he will go to police station until the summon is sent in accordance with the law.

He also advised the investigators to deal with real major cases.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n290339