Russian Military Invasion in Ukraine Continues, the National Security Council Secretary

Russia continues to arm and throw the militants in eastern Ukraine, but the Ukrainian army encircled the containment lines on the border.

National Security and Defense Council Secretary Andrii Parubii toldthis at a press conference on Monday, Ukrainska Pravdainforms.

"In fact, the Russian military invasion continues and we deal withRussian invaders and the Russian army, which equips the militantsand intensively throws them to the east of our country," hesaid.

Also Parubii disproved Putin's claim about withdrawal of Russiantroops from the border with Ukraine.

"Just in the last day, despite the statements by President Putin,we have received the evidence that the Russian army relocatedcertain units of the 76th Pskov separate air assault division onthe border with Ukraine," - the Secretary of the NSDC said.

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According to him, about 150 paratroopers of the division withaircraft equipment were transferred to Milerovo that is located 20kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

Paruby said that there are reports that a tactical battalion-groupof coastal forces of the Russian Northern Fleet is planned to bedeployed to the border with Ukraine.

"The number of the Russian army on the border with Ukraine is 16thousand troops, on the territory of Crimea - up to 22 thousandtroops, and in Transnistria - up to 3500," Parubii said.

According to him, they all ready for aggressive actions againstUkraine.

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However, he said that in recent days the Ukrainian military andborder guards managed to stop seven convoys of the militants andtake back control over a significant portion of the Ukrainianborder.

"Today, we fought our way to Biriukove station "(from the south -Ed.). They have moved to Novokyivka in the north, along the border,near Gorodyshche, where our division are located. So that it is howwe encircle line of containment," Parubii said.

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