Mi-24 Helicopter Hit by Terrorists was Taken Away. Militants Fired Mortar to Prevent the Helicopter Evacuation - Ministry of Defense

The Ukrainian soldiers evacuated the Mi-24 helicopter on June 14. The aircraft committed forced landing last week after being fired by the terrorists.

Censor.NET reports citing the pressservice of the Ministry of Defense.

"Ukrainian servicemen evacuated theMi-24 helicopter belonging to the Army aviation brigade during theantiterrorist operation activities. The aircraft committed forcedlanding last week after being fired by the terrorists,"- the reportsays.

The helicopter was forced to land in afield between the Ukrainian Army checkpoint and the militants'positions close to Semenivka village. The Ukrainian soldiersimmediately evacuated the helicopter crew, but they had to leavethe rotary wing aircraft. One of the Army units was guarding it allthis time.

"Preparations of the evacuationcontinued several days. The Ukrainian military convoy, which had aheavy crane to evacuate the aircraft, was ambushed and was firedwhile moving to the landing cite on June 13. Seven soldiers werewounded during combat. The fact that the terrorists intensivelyfired the crane indicates that the ambush was planned well inadvance," the Ministry of Defense says.

Theterrorists started firing mortars during the ascent of thehelicopter from the field to the road. The Mi-24 helicopter wasevacuated due to professional counter fire of the Ukrainiansoldiers.

The MANPAD shot hit the top of the chopper, damaging theengine. This became clear after aircraft inspection. It will take aweek to return the aircraft to service, the military aviatorssay.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n290006