Attorney General’s Office Unveiled Criminal Scheme of Armed Suppression of Maidan - Yanukovych is in the Center

General Prosecutor's Office presented the scheme of criminal activities to suppress the protests that led to mass murder of citizens of Ukraine on Maidan.

In the center of the scheme - the former president of UkraineViktor Yanukovich who instructed Interior Minister VitaliiZakharchenko and head of the Security Service Oleksandr Yakymenkoto covertly (without regulatory permission) use firearms andexcessive force against protesters in order to forcefully suppressthe uprising, Censor.NET reports citingLigaBusinessInform.

Former Prime Minister Mykola Azarovorganized the adoption of unlawfuldecisions bythe Cabinet of MinistersonJanuary 22, based on which the police usedenhanced stun, gasand smoke grenades and water cannons without temperaturelimitations.

Deputy Interior Minister Lekar by prior agreement with Deputy Directorof the Ministry'sMaterialSupportDepartmentPavloZinoviev in January and February 2014ensuredthesupply ofspecial means fromRussia in Kanuary-February 2014 - stunand flashgrenades, manual aerosol grenades with no medical testing, anddistributed it totheir personnel and the Interior Ministry InternalTroops foruse against participantsof Maidan. Customs payments for these suppliesamounted to 1,177,203.09 hryvnias.

Former head ofthe Security Service of Ukraine Yakymenko instructed the center ofspecial operations, counter-terrorism (special A unit) of theSecurity Service to participate in power support of cracking downMaidan. Under his orders the leaders of the counter-terrorism unitapproved the means and forces and ordered the subordinate officersthe force phase of the anti-terrorist operation in the Trade Unionsbuildings. Preparation and planning of the force phase wasconducted by the headquarters of the counter-terrorism unit of theService and put into action by the A unit.

Former Interior Minister Zaharchenko instructed his DeputyRatushnyak and Commander of Interior TroopsShuliak to organize with the forces under theircommand aforceful dispersal of Maidan with excessive physical violence,special means andfirearms. Ratushniack and Shuliak performed the task with the help of the heads of KievpoliceandBerkut (riotpolice).

Berkut Commander Kusiuk ordered companycommander Sadovnyk to equip his personnel and use firearms againstthe protesters firearms AKMS, SGD and special means Fort 500 withhunting ammunition. Company commander Sadovnyk has provided hissubordinates with the above mentioned and on February 20 gave themthe order to use firearms with the purpose of mass murder ofprotesters. As a result, 76 people were killed and 145 received gunwounds. Direct executors of the murders on February 20 were themembers of the special company of Berkut.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n289787