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 ATO in Mariupol: Terrorist Strong Points Brought under Control, BRDM and Sniper Spots Destroyed, Avakov

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A planned operation to eliminate the terrorists of the DPR led by a criminal who uses pseudo Chechen is under way in Mariupol.

This was reported on Facebook page of Interior Minister ArsenAvakov, Censor.NET reports.

"The area of ​​operation in the center ofMariupol is cordonedoff. The operationinvolves a unit of theNational Guard of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Affairs SpecialForces "Azov" and "Dnipro-1". The checkpoints around Mariupol are strengthened by our armedforces. The operation started at 4.50 a.m and isproceeding successfully according to the plan. All the key strongholds of theterrorists have beenbrought under control. The BRDM was destroyed as well as sniping spots. The terrorist losses are high. There are no casualties on our side - two soldiers were wounded. The operationcontinues," Avakov said.

"It is a pity that today Mariupol was awaken by shots, but the cityof steelworkers mustlive and work not to the tuneof bandits!" the Minister wrote.

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