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 Media: Paratroopers from Mykolaiv Were Ambushed near Sloviansk. There are Dead and Wounded

The servicemen of the 79th separate airmobile brigade involved in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, suffered losses during the battles with the militants on the border with Russia.

The airborne brigade units from Mykolaivwere ambushed in the evening on June 12, Censor.NET reports citing NikVesti.

The editors have information about twodead and at least two dozen of wounded.

Yurii Biriukov, the volunteerfundraising for Ukrainian military equipment, also reported of twodead and 21 wounded. He wrote about this on his page on Facebook.

Biriukov also added that the battlehasn't stopped as of 20:12. The Twitter user Patriot posted at22:47 that paratroopers from Mykolaiv were ambushed near Slovianskand provided the same figures of the victims: 2 killed and 21wounded.

The website Prestupnosti.NET informsciting its own sources that the number of injured is 25 and thebattle is taking place on the border of Ukraine and the RussianFederation, which is considerably remote from theSloviansk

Meanwhile, journalist Yurii Butusovwrote on his Facebook pagethe details of the battle where soldiers from the 79th separateairmobile brigade were killed

The Ukrainian troops suffered heavylosses during the break through of the area fortified by theRussian mercenaries. The division of the 79th airmobile brigadeof Mykolaiv were ambushed. The reconnaissance units ofthe 3rd Special Forces Regiment of Kirovohrad also had to endure afierce battle, he wrote.

The 79th separate airborne brigade isbased in Mykolaiv. It is an essential component of the UkrainianArmy.

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