Fierce Fighting is at the Border. There is Dire Need to Call the National Security Council Meeting

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By the end of the day (June 12) we can say that the Russian mercenaries opened a real Ukrainian-Russian front. Russian soldiers have equipped a fortified area near the Dolzhanskyi border checkpoint in the Donetsk region near Snizhne.

Censor.NET cites a source sayingthat "Fierce fighting continues at the border.According to the results of the day, we can say that the Russianmercenaries opened a real Ukrainian-Russian front. The situationrequires immediate convocation of a meeting of the NationalSecurity and Defense Council of Ukraine. The Russian soldiersoperating under the guise of the local militants have equipped afortified area near the Dolzhanskyi border checkpoint in theDonetsk region near Snizhne. The enemy uses tanks, armoredpersonnel carriers, anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft artillerysystems, heavy machine guns, and mortars. The terrorists are tryingto disrupt the operation of the Ukrainian troops to protect theborder. Airmobile brigade and army special forces, supported byhelicopter gunships, cut off communication between the Russianterrorists. Our troops continue to attack which resulted in largenumber of casualties among the terrorists. A large number of themilitants are Russian citizens.

"Today Ukrainian troops suffered heavy lossesin the battle with the Russian mercenaries. 79th airmobile brigadeunits from Mykolaiv wereambushed. Also the 3rd Special Forces Regimentreconnaissance unitsfrom Kirovograd had to endure a fierce battle," the source noted.

According to the source, three Ukrainian soldiers killed (two fromthe 79th airmobile brigade, and one from the 3rd Special Forces Regiment) and 26 were injured. 16 wounded paratroopers were taken to Dnipropetrovsk where they were provided with all the necessary medicalassistance.

Eternal rest and memory to the heroes who fellin the battle for freedom and independence of our country..."

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n289692