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 Journalist: Ukrainian Officers who Went Through Kosovo and Iraq, Say that the War in Donbas is much more Grave and Severe. PHOTOS

The Ukrainian officers, who fought in Kosovo and Iraq in due time, admit that fighting in the Eastern Ukraine is much tougher and more severe.

Journalist Dmytro Hnap writes on hispage on Facebook,Censor.NETreports

"We hadonly to patrol in Kosovo. The shot rarely sounded on the skirts ofthe town. You could have been ambushed in Iraq being undergone asmall arms fire or a grenade-launcher attack in rare cases. Buthere is a real war under Sloviansk. They use snipers and mortarsagainst us " - the journalist cites the servicemen.



"The fragments of the mines being set by the DPR militantsare depicted on the photo. They could pierce a truck through or ripone's arm or leg upon hitting a body. There should be no illusionsof how far things have gone or that a couple of weeks would beenough to finish the war," Hnap says.


Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p289562