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 Luhansk People’s Republic is Splitting: Lysychansk Drove Out Luhansk and Proclaimed Their Own “Republic"


Two terrorist groups in Lysychansk of the Luhansk region who previously represented the Luhansk People's Republic did not manage to share power.

"There was a conflict and as a result thelocal thugs kicked out the newcomers from Luhansk. The winners didnot deliberate for long and on the same day decided to proclaim theLysychansk People's Republic," writes InfoResist, Censor.NET.

It is notyet known who will lead this new formation. At the same time, therepresentatives of the Lysychansk People's Republic have alreadyannounced war on the Kyiv authorities.

Accordingto the publication, other towns in the region have already begunthinking of "republics" independent from Luhansk.

It wasreported earlier that the militants seized the building of theLysychansk repair plant, which is located in the city center inclose proximity to residential homes, and put snipers on theroofs.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n289540