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 Russia Continues to Send Weapons and Militants to Ukraine. Putin’s Order is Another Fake – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Border Service, the Federal Security Service (FSB), and other agencies of the Russian Federation continue to contribute to the illegal movement of the organized armed forces and militants to the territory of Ukraine.

Censor.NET informs about this, citingthe press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ofUkraine.

The Russian side continues to violatetreaty obligations, the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine declares.

"The Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Ministrycategorically condemns gross neglecting of the state border regimeby the Russian Federation that persists, despite all the legitimatedemands of the international community and the Ukrainianauthorities," says the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine.

"Straightly ignoring their obligationsand actually sponsoring international terrorism, the Federal BorderGuard Service of the Russian Federation does not interfere with thecriminals who further cross the border and allows weapons andmilitants into the Ukrainian territory. Russian President VladimirPutin's order to strengthen the protection of the Ukrainian-Russianstate boundaries cited in the media remains another fictiondeclaration," the Foreign Ministry emphasizes.

Ukrainewants Russia to stop violation all possible international laws andstate-to-state relations, the Ministry says.

"The international community expectsfrom the Russian Federation not another fiction declaration, butcertain actions to create conditions for the implementation of thepeace plan to resolve the situation in the Eastern regions of ourcountry," the Foreign Ministry says.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n289451