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 Three MI-24PU-1 Helicopters that can Operate at Night are not Deployed to the ATO Area, Journalist Claims

Today Ukraine is in dire need of modern technology supplies to the troops.

Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov writes on his Facebook page:

"While we here are dreaming about the American Apache (helicopter), Censor.NET sources "close to the Presidential Administration say that President Poroshenko is making inquiries as to why three Mi-24PU-1 helicopters located at Konotop aircraft repair plant have not been deployed to army aviation combat squadrons of Ukraine? This modernized chopper allows the crew to perform tasks at night and in bad weather conditions. Yes, they are not Apaches since the Mi-1-24PUs lack modern electro-optical sighting and navigation system, but even night vision goggles for the pilot will significantly expand the tactical capabilities of the crew. I would like to remind you that currently there is not a single combat helicopter near Sloviansk capable of operating at night. Yes, it is necessary to hold negotiations, it is necessary to lift the US and EU embargo on supplying devices, reconnaissance, targeting, armament and navigation complexes. Yes, I would like to see the latest model Flirs on our combat aircrafts but the cost of Mi-1-24PU modernization is some 3 million hryvnia with 3 aircrafts ready right now - all they need is minor repairs. I consider it necessary to upgrade all our army aviation helicopters at least to the level of these aircrafts as soon as possible.

There is a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers right now and half the ministers are probably on the web right now. So I ask them to refer to Arseniy Yatsenyuk - these are the matters that the Cabinet should consider in the first place. We need to supply the troops with modern aircrafts today. If there are patriots in the government, maybe they should hang a poster in the session room: Everything for the Front, Everything for Victory?," writes Butusov.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n289393