Border Guards, Surrounded by Terrorists in "Izvarino", Call Themselves "The 9th Company": "They Forgot about Us"

Border guards of the checkpoint "Izvarino" continue to expect orders from their heads in respect of their future actions.

This was reported to Ukraiinska Pravda in border brigade on Tuesday

According to the guards, they are in the trenches, surrounded by terrorists; they have no logistics and not much ammunition.

"We do not complain, we are ready to fight, but we still do not have neither orders nor instructions and we do not understand what we should do," the source said.

"We call ourselves the 9-th company, because everyone forgot about us," he said.

According to the border guards, at the moment at least 300 miles of the state border between Russia and Ukraine is without supervision and, despite some closed checkpoints, mercenaries continue to arrive from the Russian side to Ukraine.

In the evening on June 8 terrorists fired a checkpoint "Izvarino" in the Luhansk region, but the border guards responded with fire resistance, so the terrorists immediately disappeared from the scene.

Gunmen drove to the checkpoint on several vehicles and opened fire. Borderline unit immediately responded with fire to the attackers and the latter disappeared in the direction of the village Izvarino. No border guards are injured.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n289268