Terrorists May Repeat the Attack Marinovka Border Checkpoints, Head of the State Border Service

According to the agency's head Mykola Lytvyn, they registered terrorists regrouping which indicates preparation for new attacks.

Terrorists may attack Marinovka checkpoint in Donetsk region as early as today. This was stated by Chairman of the State Border Service of Ukraine Mykola Lytvyn, reports LigaBiznesInform.

According to him, there was registeredregrouping of units and vehicles of the terrorists indicating preparations for new attacks.

Lytvyn noted that Marinovka has a very vulnerable geographical location: "The situation in the area of ​​Luhansk, Donetsk areas of the border is extremely difficult, every day we have clashes, and not on any day do we have simple routine service. This checkpoint has its own peculiarities - it is practically open country, and they (militants) began an evasion."

"I think that even today we will see a continuation of all these actions, because there is a relocation of these forces, and we are preparing for further action," said Lytvyn.

After yesterday's battle at Marinovka border crossing in Donetsk region there are 15 bodies of militants in the jospital of town of Snezhnoie. According to the Adviser of the Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko, an APC that brought the terrorists was captured during the battle.

Some of the terrorists who attacked the checkpoint from the neutral strip from the side of the Russian Federation, fled to Russia after the aviation attacks and reinforcements.

As a result of planned combat operations of the State Border Service and Armed Forces of Ukraine during the battle at checkpoint Marinovka one Ural and two KAMAZ trucks were destroyed. In the fight five border guards were injured.

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