Former Head of Dnipropetrovsk Administration Caused an Accident While Drunk Driving his Mercedes. VIDEO

Former head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration, ex-presidential representative in the Crimea, former chairman of the Sevastopol City State Administration Volodymyr Yatsuba was detained in Dnepropetrovsk for drunk driving.

According to preliminary data, June 5Mercedes with MP Yevhen Morozenko and former governor ofDnepropetrovsk region Volodymyr Yatsuba and his wife, grosslyviolated traffic rules while turning into a main road, ZOVreports.

Accordingto information obtained by Censor.NET Yatsuba was behind the wheelof the Mercedes - he drove out into the intersection and notyielding to Niva - hit it in the rear wheel which caused the car toflip.

Accordingto Censor.NET, Yatsuba was drunk.

Niva'sdriver was taken to hospital with complaints of chest pains anddizziness.

The testconfirmed substantial excess amount of alcohol in Yatsuba'sblood.

Thedecision in this case will be made by the court.

Suchoffense is punishable by: a fine of 3400-5950 UAH or suspension ofdriver license for a period of one to two years, or 7 to 10 days injail.

VolodymyrrYatsuba is an ex-MP, ex-governor of Dnipropetrovsk, former ActingMinister of Regional Development and Construction in the governmentof Mykola Azarov and the government of Viktor Yanukovich, formerchairman of the Sevastopol City State Administration. YevhenMorozenko is a businessman and an MP with the Party ofRegions.


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