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 The Fight Against Corruption won’t Work without "Lock Ups", Claims Yatsenyuk. "People Have to See it with Their Own Eyes..."

Prime Minister Yatsenyuk appealed to Parliament to finish the process of changes in the Constitution.

According to Ukrainian Pravda Yatsenyuk made this statement in Parliament on Friday reporting after 100 days of his government.

Yatsenyuk offered the following four steps to reach this goal: the decentralization of power, the Budget and the Tax Code changes along with economic incentives provision to encourage investments in the regions, increase jobs and responsibility level to the people, divesting prosecution agencies' functions of the so-called general supervision privation, and completion of the judicial reform.

The Prime Minister also pleaded for real anticorruption efforts. According to Yatsenyuk, the new government has broken the pyramid of corruption, but it is not destroyed in the middle and the bottom levels of the government. "They continue to take money as they did before, they continue to propose bribes as they did, there are prices as they always were in the lower levels," said Yatsenyuk.

Therefore, the Prime Minister offers the following moves in anti-corruption reform: "Our number one task is to create National Anti-corruption Bureau, amend the law on the police, amend the law on prosecutors and introduce political responsibility for all the forces that have offered their candidates to the government and central government authorities as well as to the local level authorities "

"It won't work without lock ups. People have to see that you will answer for crimes," stated Yatsenyuk.

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