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 Terrorists in Donetsk Region Kidnapped Teacher for his pro-Ukrainian Position

The teacher of Torez faculty of Kharkov Institute of Economics and Management, candidate of philosophical sciences Oleg Galazyuk was kidnapped by terrorists for pro-Ukrainian position in the town of Torez in Donetsk region, said Galazyuk’s colleagues who live in Torez

Witnesses claim: "Some unidentified men arrived in two cars. Fourof them entered the college and brought Oleg carrying him by thearms on Wednesday , June 4th.Those people spoke with Russian accent and wore camouflage uniformswith some weird identification marks on it."

Colleagues also said: "Being the candidate ofphilosophical sciences and having deep knowledge of Englishlanguage, Oleg Galazyuk was teaching Philosophy and English incollege. He always reached the goals by his own efforts". At thesame time they emphasize that "Galazyuk always held pro-Ukrainianposition and made no secret of it. He constantly joined Maidan inKiev last autumn and winter".

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n288652