Russian Terrorist "Bes" ("Demon") Threatens to Execute Eight Captured Officers

One of the extremist leaders, Russian citizen Igor Bezler (Bes/Demon) is threatening to shoot all the officers held captive in Horlivka.

He announced it in a video address posted on the Internet, reports Censor.NET.

Bezler states that Ukrainian authorities have detained his man whom he could exchange for officers of the Ukrainian army, the Security Service and the police.

"For three days "Ukrainian junta" has refused to exchange the officers for the man whom they had captured. I am holding prisoner three Security Service colonels, three lieutenant colonels. Currently all agreements with the Ukrainian side have beenviolated. I waited three days but now I have nomore time to wait. Now we will execute Mr. Budik and Mr. Vasiuschenko. Messrs. Turchinov, Parubiy and company: if my man is not released within an hour, I will execute two more people. In 1.5 hours I will execute two more and will continue until all eight officers are dead. If the Ukrainian army and the state do not need these officers, I definitely do not need them," he said in the address.

At the end of the video a masked man shoots at two men who were standing near the wall at his orders.

Earlier Bezler's people in Horlivka staged a "public execution" of head of criminal police of the Kalinin district ofHorlivka Roman Babiuk and chief of criminal investigation in the same district DmytroKrikunov. It was later revealed that the "execution" was conducted with blanks, and the policemen are alive.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n288643