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 Citizens of Mykolaiv Broke up Separatist Camp Located in the City: "We Want to Prevent Bloodshed"

Citizens of Mykolaiv scattered separatists away from their permanent locations near memorial of Olshanskiy Heroes in Mykolaiv by gathering a large pro-Ukrainian meeting, reports Censor.NET.

Activists say the police refused to help, referring to the lack of a court decision.

"We have appealed to the police, but they say that there is no court decision on this issue, the separatists can freely gather here on their pro-Russian meetings splitting the country apart. We decided not to waste time waiting but to take action. There were many of us as you can see and we left pro-Russian protesters no choice but to leave their Anti Maidan," say the activists .

It was a result of recent significantly growing activity of pro-Russian forces in Mykolaiv which started over their meetings, picketing of military units and harsh statements against Ukrainian soldiers. All these actions raised citizens' concern because it was surprisingly quiet in the region's capital during the past few weeks.

"The Russian banned party "The Russian Bloc", which openly campaigns against Ukraine also became active. People of Chechen-like appearance were noticed. We sense they are about to set some provocation and we want to avoid bloodshed," says one of "people's militia" leaders Alexander Yanzen.

The events ended with just a verbal altercation this time. The police guarded both camps of protesters with tight security cordons, avoiding collisions. Separatists were outnumbered, so they did not survive the pressure of pro-Ukrainian forces and dispersed.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n288624