Aviation Will Destroy Russian Terrorists Upon Entering Ukraine, Says Avakov’s Adviser

Ukrainian aviation will destroy groups of trucks and cars with Russian terrorists upon crossing the Ukrainian border.

This was stated by Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine AntonGerashchenko in an interview with Russian TV channel "Rain".

Gerashchenko also said that militants are crossing the border of the Russian Federation carrying weapons,and Russian border guards are not taking any actions to arrestthem.

"Russian FSB does not detain them in the territory of the Russian Federation, when theycome to the border of Russia. What do you call this?I do believe that Russia is sponsoring terrorism. We must callthings what they are,"said Gerashchenko .

He noted that Ukraine is strengthening its borders.

"For twenty-three years we lived consideringRussia a fraternal country. We did not expect that it will provideshordes of terrorists who are going to sow blood and hatred in ourcountry. Therefore, we are strengthening the border. I think in thenext few weeks these situations will not arise again. Besides, Ican say that the groups of vehicles that are being prepared nowwill be destroyed from the air when they cross the Ukrainianborder," said Gerashchenko .

April 4 in Sverdlovsk of Luhansk region, localresidents reported that in the village Provalye, Sverdlovsk region,they have seen about 30 KamAZ trucks with militants .

In addition, there were 10 Russian armoredpersonnel carriers in the forest , covered with branches, whichillegally and with no obstruction crossed the Ukrainian border atnight.

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