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 “Experienced” Putin Tells Poroshenko What to While He did not Get Hands Dirty with Blood

President Vladimir Putin believes that the President-elect of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko yet might be able to stop the punitive operation and begin a dialogue with the residents of the regions of the country.

"I believe that Mr. Poroshenko has a unique chance: his hands are not yet dirty with blood, and he may suspend this punitive operation and start a direct dialogue with the citizens in the East and South of his country," he said in an interview with French media.

" Ukrainian authorities today need to establish a dialogue with its own people , and not by force of arms, tanks, planes and helicopters, but with the help of negotiations," he said.

Putin confirmed that he respects the choice of the Ukrainian people and is ready to cooperate with Poroshenko regardless of his choice of policy. Russian President corrected a journalist who asked whether Putin will work with Poroshenko if the latter will be under the influence of the United States. "He can be under abybody's influence," the Russian leader said . "People voted for him, and it's his choice how to build his policy"

"If he wants to be heavily influenced by someone else, let him," he added.

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