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 Successful Actions of the Anti Terrorist Operation Caused Panic in the Ranks of Terrorists: Militants ask for Help of Russia and Crimea – Tymchuk

According to the latest information of "Information Resistance" group, the successful action of Anti Terrorist Operation (ATO) forces caused panic in the ranks of Donbas terrorists.

DmitryTymchuk stated on his Facebook page according toCensor.NET

"Requestsfor emergency assistance come from militant leaders acting inDonetsk and Luhansk regions towards Russia and theCrimea.

InformationResistance group says Russian coordinators are currently seekingways to assist terrorists in the East of Ukraine.

Inparticular, a squad from the so-called local "Self-defense"militants in the occupied Crimea totaling approximately 300 peopleready to breach Donbas has already been formed.

Convoys ofmilitants totaling up to 50 trucks were formed on the Russianborder areas opposite Donetsk region.

Russiancoordinators promise Luhansk terrorists will receive reinforcementsfrom the "Caucasians" (number of reinforcements and infiltrationroutes to Ukraine are confirmed at the moment).

CurrentlyUkrainian law enforcement agencies are taking measures to preventthe infiltration of terrorist groups into the territory ofUkraine," said Tymchuk .

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