Journalist and Ukrainian soldier injured during Belbek military unit attack by Russia’s Special Forces. VIDEO

One reporter and one soldier were injured as a result of an offensive of the 204th Sevastopol brigade of tactic aviation in Belbek.

It is reported by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Censor.NET informs.

Today, March 22, 2014, in Novofedorivka, the personnel of the military unit A1100 sang the Ukrainian anthem and left the territory after the unit had been attacked by Russian soldiers and representatives of the Crimean 'self-defense.'

In the morning, the command of the A1100 unit received summons to surrender, otherwise the unit would be attacked.

After that, a truck and a minibus with aggressive people in it drove to the gate of the military unit. Traditionally, aggressive women were the first to attack the military unit, followed by plain-clothed men. Journalists were forbidden to approach the military unit.

The personnel of the Ukrainian unit were thrown smoke candles at. Russian soldiers who had come to the military unit a few days before "to protect" it from provocations and an offensive, were only watching from aside.

After being stormed for an hour, Ukrainian personnel held negotiations attackers, returned their ammunition to the weapon keeping room, gathered together on the ground, sang the national anthem of Ukraine and left the territory of the unit.

The territory of the 204th Sevastopol Tactical Air Force brigade named after Oleksandr Pokryshkin situated in Belbek, Crimea, was attacked by Russian soldiers and representatives of "Crimean local defense" with the use of four armor troop carriers.

After traditionally delivering an ultimatum to Ukrainian personnel, the Russian Special Forces broke into the territory of the military unit on military vehicles with the use of weapons and sound-and-flash grenades.

During the storm, one representative of mass media and one Ukrainian soldier sustained bodily injuries. They were taken to hospital by the ambulance.

As a result, Ukrainian personnel had to return their weapons into the weapon keeping room and to leave the territory of the military unit, playing the national anthem of Ukraine.

Russian occupation troops stormed the Ukrainian military base in Belbek in the Crimea. The Ukrainian weaponless soldiers aligned with their backs to the armor troop carriers and sang the national anthem of Ukraine. "This is it, our victory!' the separatists jubilated. It was learned later that occupation troops of the Russian Federation took captive famous Ukrainian colonel Yulii Mamchur, the unit commanding officer, Channel 5 reported.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v277255