Armed people in cars on duty at military units in the cities of Simferopol and Saky. PHOTO

Unknown armed people are blocking Ukrainian military units in the Crimea. At that, they don’t know how to use Ukrainian money, witnesses report.

A KamAZ truck with armed people is parked on Kreizer Street of the city of Simferopol, as reported by the Centre of Journalistic Investigations with the reference to a witness. According to the witness, a member of the unit said "those are not our guys", Censor.NET reports citing zn.ua.

Another KamAZ truck with armed people is located at the address of 62 Karl Marx Street in Simferopol, next to the headquarters of the Coast Defense Forces of the Naval Forces of Ukraine.

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Besides, BSNews informs that in the city of Saky a roofed-in truck with armed people without any marks of identification is located at close distance of the ordnance yard NITKA (Testing Training Aviation Land Complex) and the aerodrome of the Naval Forces of Ukraine.

"The armed people don't know how to use Ukrainian money (as observed by the residents).The brigade commander of the marine aviation of the Naval Forces of Ukraine warned that the fire will be brought down on them if needed," the editor Andrii Klymenko wrote on his page in the social network.

As reported, seven APCs were noted in the village of Ukromne near Simferopol a few days ago, as well as several APCs of the Russian Federation Army were seen near Chystenke.

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