What Ukrainians watch on cable TV

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Sometimes market analysis reports are twice as helpful. Apart from fulfilling their direct function and surveying a certain segment thus giving answers to the questions asked, such profiles might stimulate interesting observations, give food for thought or simply help discover the facts which seemed to be not hard to plumb before.

This is exactly what the Cyprian Edelvace Limited's survey did.The objective of the survey was to assess the size and dynamics ofthe national cable television market and analyze the choice ofproviders by Ukrainian TV viewers. However, apart from obviousfigures and data, it helped trace other trends. But let's keep tothe actual sequence of things.

So, Edelvace conducted analysis of TV-watching in the country andinterviewed cable TV subscribers in 30 cities of Ukraine. Thecompany concluded that total number of cable TV subscribers inUkraine is about 4.5 million households (or about 10 millionviewers). These findings are also confirmed by Expert &Consulting (E&C) and their cable TV provider marketstudy.

57% of all subscribers prefer major market providers, in particularthe top 3 national providers - Volia Group (about 1.2million households subscribed for at least "economy package", ofwhich 60% are as well subscribed for other pay packages),Triolan Group (nearly 400,000 economy package subscribersand over 270,000 pay TV subscribers) and a group of companiesaffiliated with Romsat (LanetTM and otherusers) (nearly 233,000 economy package subscribers, of which140,000 are pay-package subscribers).

As for regional providers, Odessa viewers prefer such marketplayers as Sana+, Black Sea and TeNet, KrivoyRog viewers give preference to Altair Cable TV, in Kievapart from national providers, people watch the local provider -Information Technology, in Lugansk - Lugansk CableTelevision. Vinnitsa voted for Everest, Chernigov - forOsnova, Donetsk - for Nadezhda and TelenetGroup that includes DKT, Globus, Gorodskoe Stroitelstvoand others. In Kremenchug TV lovers prefer private companyVisit and Chungak, in Belaya Tserkov -Ros'telecom and Krokus 1 (for details see the Tablebelow).

The remaining 43% of all cable TV subscribers in Ukraine use theservices by smaller market players, whose number according to theNational TV and Radio Broadcasting Council is about 180.


As for dynamics, the preferences of the way of receiving a TVsignal have not changed compared to last year. At the same time,total number of Cable TV users has grown by 1.5% over a year.

Having some additional data and information from the marketplayers, once might come to a rather interesting conclusion. Basedon the survey findings, total number of subscribers for pay cableTV packages from 19 players alone is about 1.5 million. However,according to pay channel distributors, they have never received anyreports, and accordingly any royalty payments, from any of the 200Ukrainian cable television providers covering over 1 millionsubscribers for 1 pay channel.

Certainly, Ukrainian end users don't care a lot about loss ofprofit by world producers of media content. However, this factcannot but be of interest to the television business community.For, apart from illegal games, such situation might causeaggravation of quality of the TV product produced by televisioncompanies and even some players quitting the Ukrainian market whichis bound to affect the situation in the market and freedom ofchoice, and consequently, the level of viewer demand satisfaction.For example, in 2013 alone the pay TV market of Ukraine lost suchTV channels as ScyFy (produced by Universal studio), COMEDY TV andother.

On the other hand, one cannot assert that it's the providers alonewho are responsible for the current situation. Representatives ofsome smaller providers confess that such royalty payment format hasbeen agreed upon with the representatives of global TV contentproducers. An indirect proof of this confession is the fact thatover the last few years not a single audit of cable TV operatorshas been conducted in either Ukrainian city. Unfortunately, evensuch giants as Discovery, Viasat, Fox, Universal, Chello Zone etc.might be involved in this collusion with the Ukrainianplayers.

In addition to informal agreements with international rightholders, there are the so-called internal agreements with theagents (intermediaries) allowing the providers not to pay "thereward" to media corporations. This is all about contributions toUkrteleset Association, whose members include absolute majority ofthe market players. Thus, this operation scheme is covered up by anindustry association.
The market experts assume that this situation could be partiallycured by the providers' subscriber base audit. However, there is noinformation available so far on any coming subscriber baseaudit.

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