British Investors: Globus Shopping Center on Independence Square is Seized by Raiders and the Authorities Cannot Reinstate Order

глобус globus

One of the UK's leading investment companies London & Regional and the British Embassy in Ukraine state that a daring raider seizure of one of the leading shopping complexes in Kyiv - TRTs Globus (The Globe Trade and Expo Center), located on Independence Square took place on the night of 21 September. The authorities did not take any measures concerning the legal resolution of the situation.

The event was discussed at the press-conference on September 26 in the UNIAN news agency with the participation of Leonard Sebastian, the CEO of London & Regional, which since 2007 has been the owner of 100% of Globus shares, Oleksandr Minin, a partner of the KM Partners law firm, Sviatoslav Ilchenko, Director of Ukrainian companies of London & Regional in Ukraine, and Crean Lavery, the First Secretary of the British Embassy, Censor.NET reports.

"On the night of 21 September, 2013 the famous trade and expo center Globus located in the center of Kyiv on Independence Square was captured by a criminal gang. No one is even trying to dispute our ownership of the Globus - the raiders took our right to dispose of our own property and do not allow us to our shopping mall just like that - with no legal basis," said General Director of the British company, Mr. Leonard Sebastian.

"Mrs. Helen Morris along with about 50 criminal looking thugs broke into TRTs Globus and blocked the work of the administration, justifying it with the order of the Solomianskyi District Court of 16 September, 2013 as to the reinstatement of Mrs. Morris at her job. To address this issue of the alleged labor law, Mrs. Morris organized a criminal capture of TRTs Globus and its legal administration has been thrown out on the street. At that Mrs. Morris did not have a court order and "forgot" to engage state enforcement officers to her illegal actions. By the forces of thugs the doors in the administrative offices were broken and the staff of the complex was forcibly led out onto the street. One of the company seals was stolen along with documents and other valuables. The Central Guard Console was seized. The police arrived on the scene, however, they took no action to stop the misappropriation of TRTs Globus by the criminals," said the director of Globus Mr. Ilchenko.

"All norms of procedural law were grossly violated; there is not even any appearance of legitimacy in this case. The management of TRTs Globus presented documents of ownership and documents concerning the appeal against the decision of Solomianskyi court. We emphasized the absence of representatives of the enforcement service. The paradox is that Mrs. Morris worked as the head of development in LRP Ukraina REAM company, which dealt with consulting and logistics, and the court decided to reinstate her as a...Director of the LR Globus company with which she had never had any formal relationship and in which she did not hold any positions," outraged lawyer A.Minin.

According to Minin, "in fact, the actions of the thugs are an offense under the Criminal Code of Ukraine article 187 ( assault with intend to rob), 189 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (extortion), article 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (the acquisition of property through deception, committed by preliminary arrangement by a group of persons), article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (misappropriation, embezzlement and taking possession of the property through abuse of office, committed by preliminary arrangement by a group of persons) article 194 of the Criminal Code of Ukrainw (intentional destruction or damage of property)."

According to Mr. Leonard Sebastian "The representatives of the group of companies have already filed corresponding statements to Kyiv prosecutor N.G.Bezkishkyy, Chairman of the Solomianskyi District Court of Kyiv V.I.Poberezhnyy, the Interagency Commission on combating unlawful acquisitions and takeovers, and other official institutions and diplomatic missions. We will await the reaction of the authorities until Tuesday. And at 12:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 1, we will hold a press-conference on the Independence Square in front of TRTs Globus for Ukrainian and international press, and then in the presence of representatives of the public I will try to get into our shopping center and its office space, I will try to return the seal and documents of the company, and I want to see how the raiders will hold defense when we have the rights of ownership of the shopping center."

The first secretary of the British Embassy Crean Lavery commented on the events: "The situation is absolutely unreal for it to happen in Europe. If some man from the street came in with some thugs and seized control of a shopping center in London, the reaction of the authorities and the police would have been instantaneous. I am very sad to see such a blatant disregard for the rights of property and investors in Ukraine because such actions are completely contrary to the European integration course of Ukraine's leadership. We will continue serious consideration to protect the property rights of TRTs Globus investors," said the diplomat.

The owner of TRTs Globus is London & Regional - one of the largest private European companies specializing in real estate investments in eight countries with total volume of investment constituting 6 billion euro. The Company is owned by brothers Ian and Richard Livingstone.

Among the properties owned by the company are hotels "Trafalgar", "Leigh Park" and "Green Park" in London, "Hilton" in Frankfurt, "Radisson" in Zurich, "Fairmont" and "Columbus" in Monte Carlo, a newly built city "Panama Pacific", office buildings in Warsaw, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Working in Ukraine since 2007 the Company has acquired the renowned trade and expo complex Globus, business center Podol Plaza and industrial refrigerated warehouses.

Located in the heart of the Ukrainian capital, trade and expo center Globus is the first international class complex in Kyiv. With a total area of ​​about 36 thousand square meters, it can take up to 70 thousand visitors a day. Its market value is estimated at $ 200 million. Acquisition of the complex from its Ukrainian owners has been made possible with the participation of several major European banks, in particular PBB (Deutsche Pfandbriefbank), which is a German public financial institution.

During 2007-2013 London & Regional has created over 250 jobs and paid over 100 million hryvnia to the budget.

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