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 UN Human Development Ranking: Ukraine is Below Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan

Ukraine is in 78th place in the ranking Development Programme of the United Nations' Human Development 2013 which displays the economic growth and social change throughout the world.

This is stated in the report, published on the official website of the UN.

The report contains data on the standard of living and social protection of citizens of different countries, indicators of health, education and cultural development of the population, the state of crime, the environment, people's participation in decision making.

In accordance with this document, Ukraine is in a list of countries with high human development, along with Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, occupying 72, 82 and 87 positions respectively. In this category are also Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan (respectively 50, 55 and 69 seats).

Nearest neighbors of Ukraine were Peru - 77th and Macedonia (the same results with Ukraine) - 79th place.

The top five states with the highest level of human development in the world are Norway, Australia, the USA, the Netherlands and Germany. Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia are placed in the category of countries with the highest levels of human development, ranking 33, 41 and 44 respectively.

Turkmenistan resides in 102 place and is almost at the top of the medium human development countries. In the same group are Moldova - 113 and Uzbekistan - 114. The list of countries with a medium level of development also includes Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. They share 125 place.

List of human development close the Niger, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mozambique, Chad and Burkina Faso - a country with a low level of human development. In this group there are 44 countries.

Beginning in 1990, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has published an annual report on human development. Report developed by a group of independent international experts, which, together with the analytical development, worked in its statistics of various international organizations and other international agencies.

The report draws attention to the unprecedented pace of development in the South. In particular, the report noted the economic rise of China and India, which began when the number of people in each of these countries, around 1 billion and less than 20 years has led to a doubling of output per capita. Today, India and China are in the list of countries with a medium level of development.

Ukraine ranked 100th among 151 countries in the ranking of the most prosperous countries to live Happy Planet Index (Happy Planet) in 2012.

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