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 Azarov: "Why Don’t They Let Us Rejoice? Why are we Distracted by Media?"

Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has once again accused the media of creating a negative image of the President for residents.

This official said this, opening a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

"Ukraine is ranked 25th place with the highest level of science and engineering. This is our wealth. This demonstrates that Ukraine can and will be successful," he said.

At that Azarov criticized the media which, according to him, publishes only negative news.

"Only skepticism, scandals... Why don't they let us rejoice at what we should be proud of. Why are we distracted by the national media? It should not be like this," said the official.

The Prime Minister added that Ukraine has only set on the way of transformations. According to him, the criticism in the media about the lack of good roads is also unfounded. The head of the government has said that in his 40 years behind the wheel, has traveled all over the country: "And the good roads were built only in the last three years," he explained.

At that Azarov admitted that winter has led to the fact that a quarter of all roads have to be repaired.

"540 sq m of roads have already been renovated. Every day, depending on the weather, 300-500 teams are out there," he said.

However, the funds for road maintenance are still insufficient.

"It is estimated that 500 billion hryvnia is necessary for the overhaul of the roads. It is more than annual funding ... So you need to create a new funding mechanism ... It's time to raise funds through a public-private partnership, through concessions," said Azarov.

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