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 Vast Majority of Ukrainians do not Believe Tymoshenko to be Involved in Shcherban Case, Poll Shows

The majority of Ukrainians do not believe that the ex Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko ordered the assassination of deputy Yevhen Shcherban.

This isshown by a survey of Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, theUkrainian Pravda reports.

Respondents were asked: "Do you believe thatTymoshenko ordered assassination of Shcherban?".

The study showed that the vast majority of thepopulation of Ukraine, namely 76%, do not believe that Tymoshenkoordered the assassination, 24% of respondents believe in such apossibility.

At that, the total population in all regions ofthe country the majority of the population does not believe thatTymoshenko ordered the assassination.

The vast majority of those who believe in thepossibility of ordering the killing is concentrated in the Easternand Southern regions (37%), but the number of those who do notbelieve is much higher (64% in the East and 63% in theSouth).

Most of those who do not believe in suchpossibility is among residents of the West (90%) and Central (87%)regions.

There is no party whose majority supportersbelieve in the order.

Most of those who believe in the possibility ofordering the murder Shcherban by Tymoshenko are supporters of theParty of Regions (41%), but more than half of the Party of Regionsdoes not believe in such a possibility (59%).

Also among the supporters of the Communist Partythere are more of those who do not believe in the possibility ofthe order (63%). 37% of the party's electorate do believe init.

The greatest number of those who do not believein the possibility of the order is the electorate oppositionparties: Batkivschyna (96%), Svoboda (92%) and somewhat lower amongthe supporters of Vitali Klitschko's Udar (85% ).

The number of those who do not believe in thepossibility of order is slightly higher among women than men (78%versus 75%). 25% of men and 22% of women admit thatpossibility.

With age, the number of those who believe in thepossibility of the order increases - the number is smaller amongyoung people 18-29 years of age (21%) and the highest among peopleaged 60-69 (27%).

Those who do not believe in the possibility ofShcherban's assassination order among youth and middle aged peopleis - 18-29 (79%) and 30-39 (78%).

No differences were found in accordance witheducation level.

The survey was conducted from 8 to 17 February2013. 2032 respondents living in all areas of the country wereinterviewed.

The statistical margin of error (withprobability 0.95 and the design effect 1.5) does not exceed: 3.3%for indicators close to 50%; 2.8% - for the indicators close to25%, 2.0% - for indicators close to 10% and 1.4% - for theindicators of close to 5%.

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