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 Party of Regions: EU Demonstrates Double Standards. We Have to Negotiate with Russia

The ruling Party of Regions in Ukraine considers nonconstructive the position of the European Energy Community - organization, which Kyiv joined recently in the hope of getting support from the West in the gas conflicts with Russia.

"We have a unique GTS which can provide transit of up to 140 billion cubic meters. That is why we need to preserve this unique and strategic status. This issue we raised, and will continue to set before the members of the ECT. We remember within the Charter that we have ratified, we fully comply with all requirements: laws on the division of production, energy transportation, access to our GTS. Naturally, we are not satisfied with the position of the ECT in the fact that there is a threat directly to our strategic energy status. ECT ignores our demands regarding the South Stream which is more of a political project. We see that, despite all the declarations of Ukraine, South Stream will be launched. This is unacceptable, it is a demonstration of the Europe's double standards," said the Regions deputy Anatolii Kinakh.

"Ukraine is in a situation where we have the highest price of Russian gas, bypass pipeline being built around us, and the EU does not respond to all claims and letters of Ukraine," agrees his fellow faction member Volodymyr Oliynyk.

"Ukraine as a member of the European Energy Community, within the European Energy Charter, should pose a direct question. We have encountered problems with reverse - in the Czech Republic, where the gas is cheaper, but the reverse is not provided. It is not clear for us, this is an unacceptable situation, so we will demand Europe to listen to us. Our trump card here is our unique underground gas storage facilities. Europe needs such a reserve and no bypass pipeline can provide it," says the MP.

"Therefore, in this situation, we must do everything to protect their interests. And their essence is simple - Ukraine will be forced to hold bilateral talks with the Customs Union. This is our right ... It's not an easy path. We will find a formula with Russia, including reduction in the price of gas," warned Oliynyk.

Before his latest visit to Russia Viktor Yanukovych also criticized the European Energy Community, and expressed doubts about the effectiveness of Ukraine's membership in the organization.

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