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 Ukraine Under Yanukovich is Slipping into Authoritarianism. Country Faces Crisis, US National Intelligence Director

Ukraine is "slipping into authoritarianism," Russia remains a society of "increased uncertainty", and Georgia, where a new Prime Minister was elected, "faces a severe transition, which is in danger of internal political instability," such assessments and projections are contained in the new report "Assessment of risks around the world," which the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper presented Tuesday to members of the Special Senate Committee on Intelligence.

According to the report, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is "slipping into authoritarianism," and the lack of a structural economic reform, "increases the threat of the economic crisis in 2013."

The report also says that a similar crisis could threaten Belarus this year. In Russia in the foreseeable future, President Vladimir Putin will face political tensions that were not there before.

A senior U.S. intelligence official said, speaking before U.S. lawmakers he expects growth next year of social unrest in Russia. Therefore, in his opinion, the Russian political system has more than ever, the pressure.

In its annual report on global threats to the United States Clapper said that the persecution of the opposition by Putin after his return to the presidency last year helped the Kremlin to reassert control. In this case, the director of national intelligence, said that the manifestation of aggression led by the Russian authorities and the growing discontent of the population.

According to the Clapper, despite tensions between the U.S. and Russia, Putin has a desire to cooperate with Washington in some areas affecting U.S. national interests, in particular the stabilization of Afghanistan.

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