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 Yanukovych Appointed New Head of Financial Services Commission - 32-Year-Old Donbas Native

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has signed a decree appointed Boris of sight head of the National Commission, the state regulation in the field of Financial Services.

The press service of the head of state reports that thedecree, signed by Yanukovych states: "Appoint Boris VizirovChairman of the National Commission for carrying out the stateregulation of financial services markets."

With anotherdecree the President resigned Stasevskyy Andrii from the post ofthe Chairman of the National Commission, the state regulation inthe field of Financial Services.


Boris Vizirov. Born 09.11.1980 in Kostyantynivka, Donetskoblast.In 2003 graduated from the State University ofInformation and Communication Technology (with honors), where hereceived a degree in management and economics.

Almost immediately after graduation (in July 2003) began hiscareer in the State Tax Service. In the beginning he was a seniorstate tax inspector, and then was promoted to head of theinteragency exchange of information and the organization oftaxpayers registration. Later, in 2008 promoted to chief of theOffice of registration and accounting of taxpayers STA ofUkraine.

In November 2008, he became the head of Irpen STI, which is inclose proximity to the National University of State Tax Service. In2011 he graduated from the above mentioned university (also withhonors), having obtained a law degree.

From October 2011 he was engaged in the reorganization of the STIin different districts of Kyiv. He finished his work in the taxservice as a head of Holosiyivskyy district of Kiev.

In June 2012 he was appointed Director General of Motor-TransportInsurance Bureau of Ukraine.

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