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 Yanukovych Wants to Rule Without Parliament, Tomenko

In the discussion on the possible early elections to the Verkhovna Rada, and in particular when it comes to the desire of the opposition to hold simultaneous early parliamentary and presidential elections, we must consider the mentality of the current government, which, to say the least does not treat the need to abide the Constitution and laws of Ukraine with the greatest respect.

Thiswas announced today by one of Batkivschyna leaders Mykola Tomenko,commenting to Cherkasy journalists on the possible dissolution ofparliament, reports the press service of the party.

"We have been receiving information from thepro-government circles, which reflects on the unique, in theiropinion, the latest version of the interpretation of the RussianEmpire slogan 'no peace, no war'. Given this fact, the governmentcan resort to the option, when the President dissolves the currentParliament, and the decision to hold early parliamentary electionis postponed," Mykola Tomenko noted. According to him, thearguments in favor of this can be different - ranging from lack offunds and inability to determine election laws by which the earlyelections are to be held.

"Given this, the opposition must analyze allpossible alternatives of action in the current situation.Obviously, we have to work on a new electoral law to ensuredemocratic elections based on proportional system with open lists.And also - have clear guarantees that in the event of fromparliamentary crisis situation, not only the dissolution of theParliament takes place but also the new elections to the VerkhovnaRada are guaranteed. And ideally - simultaneous parliamentary andpresidential elections," said the politician. In his opinion, ifthere is no such guarantee, the idea much talked about in thecurrent surrounding of the President can be realized - to dissolvethe Parliament without appointing new elections.

"It is not in vain in the media began a massiveattack with arguments on the irrelevance of the Parliament ingeneral and deputies in particular, who allegedly only hinder thePresident and government in conducting reform. Without theParliament the President and the government, and, indeed, thecurrent regime will feel comfortable, with absence of a singleplace to inform about the situation in Ukraine, and to prevent theadoption of any anti-people's decisions," MykolaTomenko.

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