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 Yanukovych is Creating Financial Police with Mega Powers that He Will Control

The bill "On the Financial Investigation Service of Ukraine (financial police)" was presented for the approval by the Ministries of Finance and the Interior.

The document promises to make this agency a separate powerand authority with special status and mega powers, answeringdirectly to Viktor Yanukovych, writes Forbes.ua.

Under the bill, anew law enforcement agency will deal with all offenses against theeconomic interests of the country, which are now divided betweensix different structures: the tax police in the Ministry of Income,the Departments for Combating Economic and Organized Crime in theMinistry of Interior, Department of Economic CounterintelligenceProtection of the SSU, anti-smuggling and customs state of theFinancial Inspection of Ukraine. These structures are proposed tobe abolished.

Among the powersof the Financial Investigations will be monitoring compliance withlegislation in the field of public procurement, and combatingembezzlement of budgetary funds at all levels, includingenterprises that receive support from the state and local budgets,and an internal audit of budget funds. Moreover, as a function ofthe financial police will fight against money laundering andcorruption.

It is noted thatthe financial policemen will have an adequate authority and powerfor the tasks. Thus, as the current tax police, they will can carryout inspections and operational-search activities. But this will besupplemented by a complete list of powers that is now available tothe employees of the SSU and the InteriorMinistry.

Financial police,for example, will be able to use physical force, carry and usebatons, tear gas and firearms. However, the use of the latter willbe strictly limited - the document has two chapters devoted to theissue.

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