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 SSU Employee Did not Yield Way and Hit an Ambulance - Medic Dies, Others Injured. PHOTO

SSU employee was behind the wheel of Volkswagen Passat which crashed into an ambulance in Feodosia.

This is stated on social network page of Oleh Sergeiev, son of Ihor Sergeiev - a doctor who died in hospital after the accident.

"Today, my father died, and a paramedic who had a child died, and do you know why? My dad and the another medic were trying to save the life of a young man whose condition was critical, he was driven with siren and beacon, but as the law is not for people with a rank, as are the traffic rules, too. The ambulance was hit by a car that was violating all the rules and was driven by some SSU punk whom they are now trying to protect from responsibility. Tell your friends about it. I cannot get my father back, but I want people to know about it," wrote Oleh Sergeiev.

The license plactes were taken off the car after the accident. According to the police report, the driver of Volkswagen Passat (born in 1981) was hospitalized in moderate condition with a diagnosis of closed head injury, concussion, contused wound of the right eye, a bruise of the left ankle.

Dr. Ihor Sergeiev, born 1958, died that yesterday, March 9, At the hospital, Feodosia (Crimea). This was stated by the head physician of the Feodosia ambulance station Vitalii Bystrov.

In turn, chief trauma physician of Feodosia Oleksandr Tymchuk said that three other people involved in the accident are in a moderate state: both drivers and the patient's father.

"All three have various broken bones, closed head injuries and concussion. The most seriously injured is 42-year old father of the patient, who requires surgery arms and legs. It will be made in the nearest future," said Mr. Tymchuk.

22-year-old patient who was in the ambulance is still in a coma, the cause of which is still unknown. The father of the patient said that he found his son in such a state in the bathroom, which the young man decided to take after returning from work.

Also, Oleksandr Tymchuk said that both drivers involved in an accident were tested for alcohol and it came negative.

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